Weather in Hanoi and Best time to visit

Hanoi, same as the northern cities and provinces, is most clearly influenced by the weather that splits four seasons in a year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Coming to visit Hanoi in any season of the year, you may enjoy the special highlights of the climate in this city.

Weather in Hanoi

Spring of Hanoi usually begins after the Tet Holiday, in early February. At that time, the weather was often little cold, and has spring rain – drizzle weather. Spring wind blows slightly, and the air is quite wet. This is also a moist season in a year. Spring is also the time that the plants bud, come into blossom, and different kinds of flowers are in bloom. In late March, Hanoi is more sunny and dry. April is the time that the season changes from Spring to Summer. This is also the season of easter lily. When walking down the Hanoi’s street, you can see many women riding a bike with full easter lilies.

May is the beginning month of the Summer. Summer in northern of Vietnam usually lasts until August or September. It is a severe and prolonged sun with strong sunlight intensity. The air is hot and humid with temperatures of heatwaves over 40 degrees. In summer, Hanoi is very colorful. This city is more beautiful because of the green trees under sunny summer, the red color on the spreading phoenix-flower branches, and the purple of Lagerstroemia flowers. The lotus will appear in late summer, with the large fragrant lotus pond in the West Lake area. The purple pink of lotus contributes to elegant and charm beauty of Hanoi.

On August, Hanoi starts changing to Autumn weather. This city and other northern provinces of Vietnam often have rain and begin to appear a lot of storms. The heavy rain prolongs in several days, and the streets of Hanoi are usually flooded. Saying goodbye to the blazing sun of the summer, Hanoi comes to the autumn with the slight sun of the afternoon drop on each street. The weather is cooler and more comfortable. The streets of Hanoi are full of green trees, passionate fragrance of magnolia flowers mixing with cold of autumn. Hanoi’s autumn brings slight autumn winds, the dew draws out over the water surface of Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake. The streets of this city fills with fallen leaves.

Late fall and early Winter, the streets of Hanoi fill with fragrance of milk flower. Hanoi comes to winter, tree’s twigs are spindly. Hanoi at this time is quiet, meditating and nostalgic. Winter in Hanoi is not quite cold. Occasionally, it has some strong cold spell, northeasterly wind blows very cold, passes through each layer of clothes. In winter, the sun usually appears later and darker often comes faster. In the cold air of the morning in Hanoi, on the markets, the streets of this city appears a lot of bikes with full of tiny pure white daisy flowers. The days of winter, sitting and eating super some super tasty foods in Hanoi such as boiled snails, sweet toasted potato bread, roasted corns, hot chestnuts… is very excited with many people.

Best time to visit Hanoi

Any season of Hanoi is also beautiful, also has its own charisma that makes people just coming once still remember. You can visit Hanoi in late January and early February to experience the spring weather and to be with the Vietnamese to welcome Lunar New Year. Visiting Hanoi in March and April, you will meet the early summer sunshine, waiting for Hanoi changing its new vibrant color. Let’s come to Hanoi in the autumn to feel the softly cool days, watch the streets spreading fallen leaves and enjoy the fragrance of magnolia flowers. You may also come to Hanoi in the winter, enjoy the smell of milk flowers and feel a different Hanoi, a Hanoi is not only peaceful, pensive but also very beautiful that make people be passionate.