Duong Lam Ancient Village

Duong Lam Ancient Village is located in Son Tay town, on the south bank of the Red River, about 44 km from the center of Hanoi. Coming to visit Duong Lam Ancient Village, you will admire almost basic characteristics of the Vietnamese village with village gate, banyan trees, water stations, field houses, pagodas, temples, water wells, hills…

Duong Lam ancient village

High light

The characteristic of Duong Lam Ancient Village is nearly all of the architectures were built with laterite, materials available in the area. You can see on the walls along the village streets, or old houses. There are old houses built more than 400 years with the moss wall.


You can go to Duong Lam by car, motorbike or bus. But to visit the ancient village, you need to buy a ticket. After buying the tickets, you should walk into the village, and ask for more information about the entrance road to the old houses.

Ticket price: 20000 VND /pax, 10000 VND /kid
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