Getting around Hanoi

Getting around Hanoi
Hanoi is divided into districts. Most sights and accommodation addresses include a district name, so that if you want to visit a lot of places in Hanoi with saving money and time, you should have a plan for your travel. When you want to Getting around Hanoi, there are some transports that you can use: Taxi, Motorbike driver/ motorbike taxi, Pedicab/ Cyclo, Motorbike rental, Motorbike sales, Bus, Car or Bicycle.

By taxi

Taxis are the best way to travel long distances. When you use taxi to move in Hanoi, you can travel on the street, at hotels, and at major attractions. Today, there are a lot of taxi companies operating in Hanoi, so if where you are, or where you want to move in this city, you can easily call a taxi service for your trip. Taxis are convenient for moving on blazing sun or heavy rain day. But this city has many narrow streets and alleyways, the taxi could not move on to the site, so that you have to get off and call the motorbike taxi if your location that you need to come is distant, or you can walk to your destination. The recommendation is that you should only use the reputable and reliable taxi companies. These are Hoan Kiem Taxi (tel +84, Hanoi Group Taxi (+84 4 3856 5656), The Ky Moi Taxi (+84 438 734 734), Mai Linh Taxi (+84 4 3861 6161). Be careful with meter taxis in Hanoi, which can run as far, or even faster than digital clock.

By motorbike taxi

Motorbike taxis or motorbike drivers are cheap and easy way to getting around Hanoi. You can find motorbike taxis (“Xe Om” in Vietnamese) on virtually every corner in Hanoi. You should absolutely negotiate a fare in advance. The reasonable price now is 10,000 dong for 1 km, so you should find the way through the map before negotiating a price with the driver, to estimate the distance between the place that you stand and where you want to come to know the amount you will pay. At the end of a ride, some drivers will offer to hang around to drive you to your next destination, so you should say clearly about your travel to avoid trouble things. Remember to keep your wallet out of arms reach of the drivers when you pay, because a few drivers may not be completely reliable man.

By renting bike or motorbike

Motorbikes can be rents for around 50,000 – 150,000 per day, and can be arranged by most hotels. Motorbikes are really good for a lot of trips around Hanoi. Hanoi is a great place to sharpen motorbike skills, provided you emerge alive. Traveling around Hanoi by motorbikes is really convenient, but instead of calling the motorbike taxis with high prices, you may rent a motorbike for your trip. So you can move proactively, save more money, simultaneously with the map you can discover more about Hanoi. Please prepare your identification documents, cash to be able to rent a motorbike, and remember to strictly follow traffic rules when riding.

Additionally, to save more and more costs, instead of renting a motorbike, you may rent one bike with only a half of the money you have to spend to hire motorbike. Riding bike on the streets of Hanoi, you can stop at any place to take pictures without difficult to find the parking, possibly walk with the bike on sidewalks, and still improve your health.

By cyclo

Pedicabs or cyclos are two – seated carts powered by a man on a foot-pedal bike riding behind you. You can find the cyclos at the area as Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter. Before calling cyclo, you should negotiate the price with the driver to make sure about your travel and the money you must pay. If you have any inquiries about the tip from the driver, please stop calling cyclo and ready for the travel around this area by foot. However, there are some drivers who are really friendly and enthusiastic. They exchanged views on your way, your destinations and prices with you in a fair manner. They also talk and introduce you about Hanoi during the journey. You may also hire the cyclos to drive in the allowed area with the cost 50,000 dong per hour.

By bus

Bus is the most popular public transit in Hanoi today. Going across the streets in this city, you can easily see a lot of buses of different various bus routes running continuously. Pick up a map with printed bus lines or use maps application in your smart phone and spend a few minutes to identify the more than 60 bus lines, find your bus stop, come and wait for the bus, get on and get off you go. You will have to pay 7,000 dong to the conductor who will come to you. Lots of regular routes go through the city, but if you cannot speak Vietnamese, using buses is very difficult. Please tell the most helpful conductor where you want to get off if you are not familiar with the city.