Top Hanoi street foods must try

Coming to visit Hanoi anytime in a year, the visitors may enjoy the street foods on almost streets of this city. Street foods in Hanoi is very famous and cheap. Going across the streets of Hanoi, you should not skip some famous Hanoi street foods the following:

Banh ran

“Banh ran” has two types: sweet cake and salty cake. Sweet cakes are round cakes with green beans inside, outer with fried powder and covered with roasted sesame. Cakes are crisp outside but inside still soft. Fresh green beans are not too sweet so you will not feel depressed when eating. Salty cakes are bigger pies, inside with black mushrooms and thin slice of meat, served with sweet, sour and spicy sauce that flows directly into the cakes bowl.

You can eat “Banh ran” on Ly Quoc Su or Lac Long Quan street with salty cakes, O Quan Chuong or Ly Nam De street for sweet cakes.

Banh goi

The cakes are fried and have yellow powder skin. Meat, bean sprouts and black mushrooms inside the cakes are marinated suitably. The skin of cakes is fried deftly thin and crisp that makes dish more attractive. When eating, you should dip it in little sour, slightly sweet and slightly spicy with papaya salad and raw vegetables to reduce depressed of this food, makes “banh goi” become tastier.

You should try to eat “banh goi” at 52 Ly Quoc Su, 17 Hoang Tich Tri or 49 Hang Chieu street.

Nem ran

“Nem” is a combination of minced pork and shredded pork skin, mixed with just enough spice. Before frying, the meat rolls are rolled over bread crumbs. The rolls are just picked from the pan hot with outside crisp and soft inside, very bold taste. When eating “nem ran”, you may order the dish together as cucumbers, yam beans and mango… or simply a glass of ice tea.

Where to try: Tam Thuong lane, Hang Bong street; Tu Do lane at National Economic University’s campus or Ta Hien street.

Nom bo kho

“Nom bo kho” (Dried beef salad) includes white green crisp grated papaya, fried garlic and many kinds of beefs, beef tendons, beef offal that are dried and cut to big pieces. Dried beef or beef offal are marinated with various spices to eat quite charming. A special feature here is fit salad water, not too sweet or too sour. A salad plate is served with roasted peanuts and a little Vietnamese balm.

You can eat “Nom bo kho” at Ho Hoan Kiem street, Hang Bun street, Hong Phuc street, Ham Long street or Ton That Tung street.


With many kinds of snails, it is one of Hanoi street foods famous. The dishes from snails are variety, from boiled with lemongrass and lime leaves, fried with tamarind and coconut pulp or grilled. The snail dishes are served with small sauce bowl that is slightly yellowish color, viscid, pure, sweet taste and very fragrant kumquat. You can also order more fried potato, meat rolls, quail eggs or cucumbers, yam beans…

Where to try: 109B1 Tran Huy Lieu street, 19 Gia Ngu street, 1 Dinh Liet street, 23 Luong Dinh Cua street…

Thit xien nuong

“Thit xien nuong” (Meat skewer) few years ago appeared in almost the streets of Hanoi, focusing primarily in the market or around schools, universities. Each store has its own secret for marinating the meat skewers. When grilling meat skewers on charcoal stove, they are odoriferous sweet. Meat skewers can be served with hot chili sauce. Or you can order to clamp it on bread, add some cucumbers that is the favorite of people.

You may find and eat “thit xien nuong” at 69 Chua Lang street, 86 Lac Trung street or 26 Hang Buom street.

Quay nong

“Quay nong” is one of the most favorite foods that Hanoi people are enjoying. You can eat Quay throughout the year, but the best, you should eat them in the winter. Quay is long, straw yellow bark, very crisp, broken in your mouth, and the sweet inside it. Adding a little sweet and sour sauce, you will see nothing more in a cold winter afternoon. You may order additional a cup of soy milk or a cup of kumquat water.

Where to try: Bach Khoa area, Hang Bong street, Tran Nhat Duat street, Doi Can street…

Tao pho

Tao pho is made from soy beans and undergo a skillful and careful processing of the cookers. In Hanoi, besides enjoying Tao pho with sugar water, there are many other dishes with Tao pho such as green tea Tao pho, coconut Tao pho, lotus seeds Tao pho or jelly Tao pho…. The price of a bowl of Tao pho is quite cheap, just spent 7 or 10 thousand dong, you may have a bowl of Tao pho for cooling summer.

Where to try: Nghia Tan street, Thai Phien street, Xa Dan street, Dao Duy Tu street…

Kem Trang Tien

Kem Trang Tien (Trang Tien ice cream) is a famous ice cream company that has had since 1958 in Hanoi. The reason that ice cream called “Trang Tien” is by cream sold and produced in Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district. Trang Tien ice cream became a popular brand ice cream not only in Hanoi but also in other cities and provinces. Ice creams have many different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cereal, coconut milk… Ice cream has aromatic, tasty and cool flavor. It has relatively cheap price, only about 10 thousand dong for 1 ice cream.


Besides favorite foods such as Che, Tao pho, ice cream… caramel has become the delicious food that is the best choices for Hanoi people. Caramel (also known as Flan cake) originated from France with the main raw materials are eggs, milk and coffee. You can combine caramel with others such as fruits, yogurt, jelly… to create many dishes with caramel.

Where to try: Hang Than street, Nguyen Cong Tru street, Thai Thinh street, Ton That Tung street.