Hoa Phong Tower

The Hoa Phong Tower is situated in front of the Central Post Office, on the Hoan Kiem Lake’s shore, Dinh Tien Hoang St, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi capital.

Hoa Phong Tower

Hoa Phong Tower


This is the remaining relic of Bao An pagoda where is also known as Quan Thuong pagoda – the famous Buddhist architecture in the past. In fact, in the middle of 19th century, there was a big pagoda here – the whole area of the Central Post Office.

The eight-edge campus includes 20 houses, Buddhist church, printer Beijing, church template, home of monks. The total is about over 100 rooms. While the inside is decorated magnificent, the outside highlight is a lotus pond. This pagoda was built in 1846 under the initiative of Interest Shanghai – Nguyen Dang Giai (the provincial office in Hanoi)


Although in 1898, this pagoda was destroyed because of the momentum of the new streets’ expanded construction, this Hoa Phong Tower has still been up until now. This is a kind of rare Tower in Hanoi because it belongs to the four-door turret type which has been changed shape from Stupa (a kind of Indian Buddhist Tower).

Specifically, in the second floor, there are two eight-sign figure sides. According to the Chinese cosmology, the original eight-sign figure tool is used for determining directions. General, the Hoa Phong Tower is the conceptions about universe of Buddhism.