Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is located in the system of national museums in Vietnam under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism where is considered as one of the most important positions in the art and cultural heritage’s retention and promotion of ethnic groups in Viet Nam. Established in June 1966, the mission of the Museum is to study, collect, exhibit, preserve and introduce the national art heritage to the home and outside people.

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum


The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum was constructed from French colonial empire which formerly was dormitory of the Catholic Church’s business organization. Its name is “Janne d’Art family” where was accommodation for the daughters of the French officials all over the Indochina when learning at Hanoi city.

After 1945, this house was used for many different purposes. After 1962, our State assigned this building for the Ministry of culture to remodel into a place for collection, display and storage of the worthy typical artwork in Vietnam from prehistory to today.

From a house with an European-style architecture, this building has been renovated with many features of Vietnamese architecture suiting to functions of an art museum.

In 1966, the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum officially opened to welcome visitors. The area in total of the whole precinct is about 4200m2 and area for display is 1200m2. From 1997 – 1999, the area of museum was expanded with an area of 4737m2 and the area of display is over 3.000m2. Besides its headquarters in Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, this museum also has the second base at Hoang Cau – O Cho Dua, Hanoi with a major space, full of modern equipment. It is utilized to preserve and restore works of art as well as organize the national and international scientific conferences.

The display of Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

The displayed collections of Vietnam Fine Arts Museum are introduced following the progress of history, category and material in order to demonstrate the typical values of timeline of art history especially it is very convenient for visitors to admire. There are over 2.000 the artifacts which displayed fixed with the main following topics:

• The fine art of prehistory and protohistory
• The fine art of the 11th to 19th centuries
• The fine art of the 20th century to today
• The traditional Applied Arts
• Folk art
• Vietnamese ceramics of the 11th to 20th centuries including the salvaged ceramic pieces from the five old ships.

In Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, there are over 30 galleries as well as the richness of the artifacts with the unique and creative lines: the ethnic clothes with brilliant pattern, the quite delicate bamboo artifacts, Dong Ho folk paintings, other elaborated statues which are made from bronze, stone and wooden materials. All of these things seem to be combined to reflect the traditional elite of the nation.

Besides, the Vietnam Fine Arts also has the thematic galleries for exhibition activities, the home and outside artistic exchange. What is more, the storehouse of the museum gets a system of many artifacts collections as follows:

o The painting collection: over 6.000 works
o The sculptural collection: over 1.000 artifacts
o The traditional fine arts collection: over 2000 artifacts
o The ceramic collection: over 6,000 artifacts
o The international fine arts collection: over 400 artifacts
o The creative space for children

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum has officially opened the creative space for children on May 21, 2011. This is the first activity in the educational program of museum. It is located on the 3rd floor of main building with the area of 70m2. At here, children will be guided to learn and explore the contemporary folk art as well as the international and national fine arts by painters, sculptors and education staffs of museum.

Next, children will be took part in eight activities in exploring, experiencing and creating art such as: painting in the available forms, painting statues, painting freely, playing jigsaw puzzle, modeling statues, painting in the folk, painting the folk arts, playing mosaics paintings and playing paper tearing. The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum will become a useful playground in order to create opportunities for children to approach and learn the source of the precious national art heritage. Especially, this helps them develop the creative thinking in art since the little kids.

Location: 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

Opening hours: 8:30 – 17:00 everyday and there will be the specific announcement on the public holidays

Entrance fees:

 Children under 6 years old: free
 6 – 16 years old: 10.000 VND / ticket
 Pupils and students: 15,000 VND / ticket.
 Adults: 30.000 VND / ticket
 Tour guide for visitors: 150.000 VND / turn